Spring Boot: Environment friendly application properties

In enterprise application development we need to manage various configuration depends on your environment or profile.
i.e. we need to provide profile specified configuration to deployable .

Profile specific means we need to change our configuration for

  • Local Development Environment
  • QA Test Environment
  • Staging Environment
  • Production Environment

Or this classification may vary for different organization.

Spring Boot provides facility to provide multiple configuration using application.properties and we can switch it as per our environment with minimum change.

Naming Convention

Out typical boot application creates default application.properties which resides in resources directory, it will be loaded by default when application starts.

Apart from that you can create multiple property files for your environment.
Lets say i need to provide configuration for my local environment and production environment, so in that case i need to create 2 more properties files.
Naming pattern for new properties files will be application-{profile}.properties, you can replace {profile} with your actual profile/environment name.

Here i need to create

  • application-local.properties
  • application-production.properties

for example my datasource will be different in local and production environment, so my files will looks like below.





Here i created 2 different properties files with different configuration for different profile.

Profile Activation

Now let’s see how to set particular profile as an active profile.
To setup active profile you need to add below line in your application.properties file.


This line will use configuration from file application-production.properties as we provided production as default profile in application.properties file using spring.profiles.active=production.

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