Java, Spring Boot interview experience with Cignex, Ahmedabad

Company: CIGNEX Datamatics Pvt.Ltd
Interview Time: Jan 2018

Spring Boot/Microservices

  • What is microservice ?
  • Any other way to create microservice apart from spring boot.
  • How multiple microservices are talking with eachother
  • How to configure other orm using spring-jpa, default is Hibernate
  • Difference between @Persistentcontext and @Autowired for Entitymanager
  • Code: Expose rest apis for employee table.
  • How to configure jndi in spring boot app
  • Better way to load 10M records on app, spring batch and other solutions
  • Who is responsible to opena dn close connection with database in boot environment, entitymanager, jpa , hibernate or spring itself.
  • How to implement internationalization ni boot app
  • Give scenarios where we can use REST web services and SOAP web services
  • Differece between @Controller and @RestController annotations
  • How to send XML response from controller
  • Why to use Spring boot and not Spring MVC
  • How to make db connection using spring boot
  • what is the significance of YML file over properties file for
  • What is Map Reduce
  • How to map documents of mongo with Java pojo

Spring Security

  • Which filter need to implement for security
  • How to by pass any url in security configuration
  • How to provide security in REST APIs


  • Simple query for select
  • What happened when we delete index, will it delete column ?
  • What is sharding in context of mongodb.
  • What are the criterias to decide whether to use MongoDb or Sql databases
  • Can we use hibernate with MongoDB, any orm for mongo.


  • Sample use case to use solr
  • What is happening behind in solr, algorithm, index and searching technique etc
  • any experience with (ELK Stack) elasticsearch and kibna logstash?