Smart School Tracking

Hi Friends,

We are always willing to solve real time problems or ready to try for it.

Today i want to share one of the good idea and product on which we are working on. In last 6 month i had a discussion with some people who only interested to bring change in education system, and here we come up with something which is very basic and initial prototype of tracking system.

Here is the basic architecture of whole system. User can connect with it using Mobile(Android, IOS Devices) and through Web.


It is a combination of multiple device like
1. GPS device
2. Fuel Meter
3. RFID Device
4. Thermometer
5. Camera

and all are connected to internet.

It was good experience while designing of base architecture, even i don’t know how my team will achieve the same especially for some odd devices like Fuel Meter or Thermometer.

Please DM me on LinkedIn if anyone interested and have idea/experience, business proposals are also invited.

Thanks, Yogesh P